Favourite cities

1. Several of Quebec cities can be found on Canada’s most favorite cities list Year after year if you look at the list of the best places to live in Canada you are sure to find several Quebec cities on the list.

2. If you love lighthouses you would love Quebec

There are several cities that still retain a vintage charm. Cap-Chat, for example, has a spectacular lighthouse that is worth the visit. And this city is also known for being one of the best in terms of utilizing wind energy.

3. Experience the purest color of each season

If you love autumn colors then there are places that ooze the fall colors in full swing. For the winter lovers, there are skiing spots. For those who love the rains, the terrains turn a lush green. The province has a unique character of its own and you get to see a beautiful color every season. This makes the Quebec cities great to reside all-round the year.

4. A culture that is worth admiring

Quebec has one of the most beautiful cultures. The friendly folks are very warm and welcoming. Whether it is the sign language or the music you would find yourself in a whole new world when you are in Quebec. For the young and energetic crowd, the teeming nightlife in several parts of the province is one of the biggest appeals.

5. Family-friendly cities

For those who are moving to Canada to settle down with their family, Quebec is one of the most popular choices. This is a great place to raise your kids and to provide a safe residence for your family. In fact, this is rated as one of the best provinces to raise kids, in Canada. With the friendly neighborhood, you are sure to have a good time. There is no limit when it comes to entertainment.

6. The budget-friendly paradise

As beautiful as the Quebec cities are, they are also very renter-friendly. Rents are cheaper than most other Canadian provinces. But the quality of lifestyle provided is really good. Whether you are looking for accommodation as a single or as a family you would find affordable rent slabs for every type of accommodation you choose. Great weekend travel destinations nearby, a busy nightlife, safe environment for the family, all this at an impressive rent is what you get if you choose to move to Quebec cities.

7. For the best festivals

We have been talking about the beauty of the province but we cannot finish our list without talking about the grandeur that the city bears. When it comes to festivals, we should learn from Quebec what real celebrations are. Even the quietest cities don their best looks and celebrate with all enthusiasm the many world-famous festivals. We are not talking about the normal festivals that you would find anywhere else. We are talking about the festival that art lovers would look forward to every year- like the Quebec Summer Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival and the Just for Laughs Festival. That is how unique this province is and that is another reason why you should live in Quebec. If you are still not convinced book a weekend trip to Quebec and sink into the breathtaking beauty of this place. If you are worried about finding the best places to stay and dine in Quebec do not worry- there are customized travel packages for any trip length. With the comfort and the safety that the cities in Quebec offer, whether you are a tourist or a resident there is not a single thing you should worry about. Make sure that you take time to plan your visit and explore the beauty of Quebec.

How we can help

Planning a trip is time-consuming. There are so many minute, little details to look into. If you have the time and if you have the right source of information you would find this happening easily. But what if you have a very short duration left within which you have to plan everything out? Leave it to us. Known to be one of the most trusted names in Quebec tourism we assure you that no matter how many days you have left and no matter what the duration of the trip is we would make it the most memorable one. Customized provincial tours Quebec is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. It also has some of the best cities to live and the best scenic spots to visit. So if you are looking to explore the province then look no further. We even have historic tours with virtual tour guides to help you learn about the cities you visit and to thus understand the rich culture and the history behind each city. You get to choose the tourist destinations to cover and the duration of the trip. So you choose your pace and we arrange the trip. Family friendly tour packages Solo trippers might have altogether different needs than those who are traveling with their families. We understand the difference between the many types of tourists. So we have specialized packages for family groups as well as for solo trippers. Your accommodation, dining and commute options would all be customized accordingly. So you would feel completely safe. So you could simply focus on packing your bags and charging your camera while we set everything right and hand over a great tour package in your hand. And when you get back you would have nothing but beautiful memories to cherish.

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